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Discussion on: No, you don't need to learn the language before you learn a framework

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Hammed Olalekan Osanyinpeju

I think why most people make emphasis on learning language before framework is because it is very easy to get carried away with what the framework offer without making attempt to revisit how things actually work under the hood.

Understanding how things work under the hood help during scalability and application performance.

But in all, no perfect system, we are only trying our best.

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Tyler Smith Author

Thanks for reading my article, Hammed.

I understand that knowing how things work under the hood can be valuable, but the further I get into my career, the less important the implementation details of any given language or framework seem to be.

I write a lot of PHP and JavaScript, but occasionally I need to work on existing Django or Rails projects. I don't write Python or Ruby often, but when these projects come up I need to create a feature or fix a bug quickly. Though I'm not great with those languages, I find that a solid grasp of software architecture and clean code can get me through the features most of the time. Writing good code is the hard part: I can look up the syntax and individual commands as needed.

For engineers that have written code in dozens of languages, many of them seem to learn languages and frameworks at the same time for a project. They have experience with several paradigms and tools, so they are able to figure it out as they go.