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Kotlin vs. Java

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Java has been the most preferred language of developers for a long time for Android App Development. But since a few years, Google's Kotlin is gaining immense popularity. It is now Google's preferred language for Android (officially). Almost 50% of the developers are using Kotlin for app development.

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In such a case, how would you choose the best one? Well, we have made it easy for you. In this blog, we'll be discussing both the programming languages in detail and exploring their differences based on some real-time attributes.

Let's start with the basics:

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is an open-source, cross-platform, and statistically typed programming language. It offers greater accessibility in multi-platform programming. It helps you combines Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) and functional programming in an independent and unique platform.

Pros and Cons

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Popular Apps Built with Kotlin
Google, Pinterest, Trello, Netflix, Airbnb

What is Java?

Java is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language. It is the best choice for high-end projects involving technologies like NLP, AI, and ML. Also, Java enables developers to write and compile codes that are compatible with all java platforms.

Pros and Cons

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Popular Apps Built with Java

Twitter, Spotify, CashApp, Nimbus Messenger, Signal

Now that you have refreshed your concepts. Let us move forward and compare Kotlin and Java and explore how they differ.

Kotlin vs. Java: Detailed Comparison

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Which one is better: Kotlin or Java?

Both Kotlin and Java have a fair share of pros and cons. Java is a well-established and robust programming language, whereas Kotlin offers scalability and convenience. Therefore, choosing the best fit depends entirely on your app requirements and objectives.

Are you still confused about which one to prefer for your next android app project? Successive Technologies is there to help. We use stable codebase, Android SDK, and Android NDK kits to deliver seamless and engaging experiences. Our skilled technocrats use Kotlin and Java as their primary tech stack to deliver delightful and innovative apps. Contact us to get started.

Discussion (5)

khmarbaise profile image
Karl Heinz Marbaise

This table is simply wrong in many aspects.

  • Compilation (as already mentioned by others) both is being compiled into ByteCode which runs on a VM..
  • Threads? In Java you can simply write XYZList.parallelStream().. (Java 8+) Also via ExecutorService since Java 7 (a little bit more inconvenient) ...
  • Extension functions are more or less the same concept as in Go but in Java you can add methods via default methods on interfaces ... yes you have to have an interface first ... but usually you have already.
  • Smart Casts are more or less the same like pattern matching in Java (JDK15+)
  • Functional programming? In Java since JDK8+ (since 2014!) existing and working very good...




thorstenhirsch profile image
Thorsten Hirsch

Why is there a difference for "Compilation" in the "Kotlin vs Java" table? It says "Virtual machine" for Kotlin and "Bytecode" for Java, but they both run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which executes bytecode.

I also don't see much of a difference when it comes to other runtime options. Kotlin/Android is pretty much the same as Kotlin/JVM. Native compilation is available for both languages. There's probably no pendant in the Java world for Kotlin/JS, but I guess that's also a niche in the Kotlin world.

I'd also argue that Java has introduced some aspects of functional programming, e.g. lambdas on the language level and streams in the JDK, which encourage the use immutability.

levirs565 profile image
Levi Rizki Saputra

I agree with you.

alainvanhout profile image
Alain Van Hout • Edited

Java doesn't have functional support? Virtual machine vs bytecode? Java had a shallow learning curve? Java is single-threaded?

There are some very dubious statements in this post. It doesn't read as if the writer is actually familiar with Java.

nathanking profile image
Nathan King

Incorrect assertions start in the second section with "Google's Kotlin"... A simple google will show you that the language was created by JetBrains... further falsehoods are covered by the other comments.