Which .dev domains have you registered so far?

Jonathan Irvin on March 03, 2019

It's been a while DEV! Working at a start-up has its perks and one of them is working with dedicated people. Working with people of such a cali... [Read Full]
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I wanted glenn.dev but it was already taken... So I went with glennmen.dev, my username that I use on almost all platforms. Currently it redirects to my DEV profile, in the future I want to make a personal portfolio website.

I also purchased an otherone for a personal project.


We speculatively nabbed a couple we liked for some possible future projects. 🀐


Did you end up putting up extra cash to buy them before they went into GA?


We bought a couple in the last period before GA. Seemed possibly worth it by then.


onehour.dev: I'm thinking to put there guides on how to do various things in under one hour. Like how to create your website in one hour, how to create an e-commerce in one hour, how to build an android app in one hour. Simple things, the basics...so people can get started with. What else do you guys think people would be able to learn/do in under one hour and would need a bit of technical guidance on that?


Excellent idea! I know there are many of us who fast solutions or just want to get started faster so you get the feeling of productivity sooner.


vacations.dev I'm thinking developers could use more vacations in the coming year.


a13c.dev for email, niorad.dev for lulz and lids.dev as additional domain for devlids.com


I didn't think about using one for email, but I think that trend doesn't really translate in our field as much as it used to.


Only because if you are not using the big 5, your email could be marked as spam.

Iβ€˜d never use any domain I have no control over for Email. But Fastmail allows you to connect your own domains, while still keeping their integrity for spam-rating somehow. Not sure about the details. Itβ€˜s mostly for receiving, anyway. Something nerdy to put on the CV.


Just yechiel.dev

The joy of having a name where you can procrastinate and be reasonably sure your domain will be waiting for you when you're ready ☺️


I got firstname.dev, fullname.dev, and lastname.dev, and I'm using them to track usages of .dev domains following these patterns in the wild.

So it's kind of a meta thing, in that I'm using these domains to answer the exact question of how people are using these domains.

Send a PR if you have a site that fits the scheme and you want to be included!


I lost out on kayla.dev when it was still $350 fee during EAP, but I got my lastname.dev so my resume/LinkedIn can point to kayla@lastname.dev as my very sexy email address. I'll probably move my online resume over to it and force it to redirect traffic to kayla.lastname.dev to see it since lastname.dev is boring.

I also today bought itsasine.dev though I only set it up to forward all email to itsasine.me for now. I'll move things over to it as a weekend project someday. Since someone has itsasine.com, I didn't want to take chances on the .dev :)

I kind of really want more domains, but I don't have enoough projects to justify it haha

Just my real name portfolio site and my screenname portfolio site.


I think using the @lastname.dev email is super clever, but I think I'm good on spelling "vanblargan" to people as much as I have to as is 😜


I kinda hope that someone out there will do the internet justice and reserve itsa.me for Mario.


Looks like it's taken :(

Domain Name: ITSA.ME
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.gandi.net
Registrar URL: http://www.gandi.net
Updated Date: 2018-06-11T21:14:24Z
Creation Date: 2008-07-17T15:17:50Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2019-07-17T15:17:50Z

Grabbed posit.dev and got plastered onto attract.dev 😎Woo! Would've gotten my first name but that Google queue was just too darn long.


I ended up paying a few hundred for 4 domains before GA,all for different products I own.


Happy to have gotten dane.dev...Dane isn't too common a name but it's surprisingly quickly taken on several platforms!


I could not leave finest.dev out in the open πŸ˜…


I easily took laravue.dev for my Laravue project, will start adding some interesting things there.


I bought my fullname.dev since just my first name was already taken. Will be using it for a personal portfolio site probably.

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