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Jelly Fin: Looking For Contributors

Jonathan Irvin on August 29, 2018

Jelly Fin is opensource now. Thanks to @ben for the encouragement! You can find it here: jonathan-irvin / jelly-fin ... [Read Full]
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Hey Jonathan,

This looks good and I love the idea, here's my feedback:

  • To get people attracted to your repo I think having a good README is a good start, Let people know what is it about and how they can contribute/run and test the project locally.

  • Mentioned that Contribution is always welcome

  • Marks the easy issues as first-good-issue or help-wanted and add more details I would even point to some code where to start


Totally agree. Adding a wiki could be also useful. Some screenshots too.


Wiki added. What kind of pages do you think I should have?

I would start writing an introduction with the state of art. Why you started the project, if there is any others projects doing the same. A small diagram of the technologies that you are using/architect.

Of course in at least how to start the project locally and a small explanation to new developers.

Reading what it's there didn't make me understand exactly what's all this about.

Just my opinion. I hope my feedback helps you.


Thank you! I've been looking for feedback on where to start. What is my README missing?


the First thing a README IMO is a clear sentence (TL;DR version) what is the repo about.

After that a table of content for easy navigation.

Sections can be :

  • Core Features (this to answer the question, is this project for me? is it gonna solve my problems?)
  • Pre-requisites && Installation (how to install/run the project)
  • Getting started (small runnable snippet of code if applicable)
  • Troubleshooting (common problems and how to fix them)
  • Get involved ( few nice words to encourage people and link to
  • CODE OF CONDUCT (really important to protect you and people)

for you get some inspiration from famous repos, it's basically a spec document on how to run tests, add PR, code style and so on


I've been a bit too busy to get involved, and it still might be a while, but I've starred and watched the repo so I'll try to keep up.

I've also made you a moderator of the jellyfin tag


Tag mods are a new functionality so let me know how that experience goes.

Good luck, it may take some time to gather momentum, but we'll be here to help the project progress over time.


Hi Jonathan, I'm interested. I also manage our finances and or investing too. My wife currently makes the king cash and I make sure the numbers keep progressing toward a happy ending/retirement, but the tooling I'd are is pretty terrible. I'm looking at your repo on my phone right now; might join the gitter too, but FYI if I help I may not be available on Gitter. I try keep my comms tools to a minimum.


That's awesome. No worries about Gitter. Email works.


Well, nice idea. I will take a look at the repo and see if i can contribte.

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