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How do you name your devices?

Jonathan Irvin on August 01, 2018

Names can be a powerful thing. Each of my devices fall into a naming convention. Some of you probably use practical names, but I'm interested i... [Read Full]
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Servers either get named for what they do or don't get names because they're disposable.

My home machines have a mythological theme, monsters and underworld or threshold divinities:

  • main workstation: lamia (one of many victims of Hera's misplaced vindictiveness in Greek mythology)
  • tablet: leinth (an Etruscan cemetery-goddess)
  • router: lachesis (the middle of the three Greek fates, who measures Clotho's thread before Atropos cuts it)
  • dns box: neti (the gatekeeper of the Sumerian underworld)
  • tv box: lethe (the river of forgetfulness in Hades)
  • NAS: tartaros (the place of torment for the titans and especially iniquitous mortals)
  • spare: akhlys (Greek personification of misery)

I like your naming.
I’m using Greek philosophers and mythology, myself.


My fixed devices are all dog types:

LilDog small laptop
LapDog: main laptop
Kujo: HP Omen gaming laptop
BigDog: server
HomeDog: home automation & media server
SkulzDog: iNtel NUC mini PC (has a big skull on it)

And, of course, my network name is Junkyard :)

The mobile devices all have less creative names ('Pete's iPhone', etc)


Home/Personal servers are named after countries as long as they are not disposable. Usually based on some stereotypical image of the country.

  • Switzerland - NAS
  • Hong Kong - Docker host
  • UnitedStates - Raspberry Pi Plex client
  • Japan - PHP web server

I once asked an ex what to name a computer, and they said to just name it anything.

So now I have Anything, Something, and Nothing.

I also named my Wifi SSID Galaxy News Radio πŸ“», so my main computer is PipBoy 3000.

(note: emojis in names are hit or miss on whether or not 1. it'll work and 2. it'll work integrating with other things)

I tend to keep 1 pi per side project, so I name it something boring involving the project it's for, like dnsserver, so it's easier to find what ones are on the network and why my dnsserver isn't running.


I’ve gotten lazy with device naming, but this was the standing order for a long time.

Rogue -> Always my primary device
Morph -> iPhone
Toad -> An old iPhone 3g I jailbroke to hotspot for my Xbox when I was on battalion CQ duty back in 2011. Anything to make the time pass!
Cerebro -> My old home grown media server. Gambit -> iPad mini.
Danger Room -> My SSID


What media server software are you using ? I've been searching for one for some time.


I don’t have it anymore, but I was using a combination of XMBC (now Kodi) and VLC.


It started off unintentionally, but I eventually noticed a pattern of naming my computers after characters from Thomas the Tank Engine. Decided to keep it going.

Parents' home computer: Henry
First laptop: Annie
First Linux laptop: Clarabel
Latest Linux laptop: Mavis
Tessel2: Bertie


My main Android TV => Holodeck
My phone => Spock
Main personal laptop => Enterprise
Work laptop => Marauder

Servers don't get "pet like" names... They only get functional names like:


D&D Monsters: dragon, wyvern, minotaur, beholder, etc.


I name them according to Norse mythology.

My WiFi SSID is Yggdrasil (the "world tree") and my devices are named for gods or entities accordingly. E.g. Oden, Tor, Loke, Sleipner (the names are in Swedish in case they look odd to you).


At first I named my machines after the Patriots' AIs from Metal Gear Solid.

My desktop was GW, my laptop TJ, etc... eventually GW was replaced by another machine serving the same purpose that I simply named GW-Mk2.

Eventually I ran out of names so now I name my machines without any specific logic, my NAS is "Ana" ("AnaNAS" means pineapple in French, I liked the play on words πŸ˜€), I even have a machine named E1M1 in reference of Doom.


I try and follow a Star Wars naming convention, with the category of name depending on the type of the device.

I have two USB flash drives named after droids, laptop and desktops are named after planets. My everyday devices take their names from the Rebel Alliance (Atollon, Eadu, C1-10P), and other devices get miscellaneous ones (Coruscant, Takodana, Hoth...).


I usually use descriptive names for computers. Phones are default because they're replaced or formatted more often. The server was named for quality: piecedemerde


I name my personal devices after characters from the Asterix comics. :D

My servers are named after celestial bodies tho'.


Years ago, I was reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and named my new, fully-loaded laptop "Earth" πŸ€“. Then I named my new phone "Moon", because it felt like a mini satellite for my laptop. After that, it was all over... displays are named after stars, mobile devices after satellites, computers after planets, etc. I think I'm stuck with the "celestial bodies" naming convention forever now.


Well historically I've gotten in trouble for naming servers after sexually transmitted diseases (mostly because nobody can spell "gonorrhoea") constellations (mostly because nobody can spell "cassaeopia") and dinosaurs. Surprisingly, everybody loved dinosaurs at school and can spell "brontosaurus" but Upper Management didn't like the idea of our machines sounding obsolete.

I don't get to name the machines where I work currently.

At home, I name everything that's a server after a computer from film and TV; I currently have Sweetie, Arcade, Shoshone and Zen.

EDIT: Oh, and my phone's called Squish, after the cluster lizard from Lexx. No reason.


Dinosaurs.... Made up dinosaurs. Lapasaurus, deskasaurus, mediadon, and syncasaur.


This practice seems so bizarre to me. I think I'd have fun naming things but nothing's ever stuck.


I thought I was all alone in this, but then I found you! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ


My computers are generally named after the branding:

Every Apple handheld device I've owned since iPod 4th Gen has been Rocket 00000.


I've a server where I am playing around with AI and machine learning. Obviously I had to name it "skynet"


You don't work with Miles Dyson at Cyberdyne by any chance, do you πŸ€–


I use the brand: Fuji (For Fujitsu), Acer, or Ryzen
But SUDO accounts are Wesworld characters (rford, delores...)


This is one of those things my generation solved by watching "Friends"


I go for places from fictional worlds, mostly from Middle Earth and My Little Pony. Ponyville, Canterlot, Lorien, Lothlorien, Rivendell, Mordor, and Gondor are some of the names I remember.


My devices are all named after locations or planets from the Metroid universe. Zebes, Norfair, Phendrana, Bryyo, Maridia etc.


I'm a master of chemistry, so I'm using names from the Periodic Table. For example, I name my machines: helium, oxygen, vanadium, etc.


I use philosophers, so I my personal machine is popper, my work station is epicurus, I have schopenhauer somewhere here waiting for fixes and so on.


I actually just started using the books of the bible. It has been so much fun. Currently on 'Numbers'. Genesis and Exodus are my server and MBP.


Mine are named after planets.

  • Laptop: Mars
  • Phone/Hotspot: Mercury
  • Tablet: Saturn
  • VPS: Neptune

  • Pendrive: Space Shuttle


i name my "screen devices" by their aspect ratio.

tablet 43
phone 32


What happens if you get two devices with the same aspect ratio?

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