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re: Do your commits pass this simple test? VIEW POST

re: It’s worth it to mention that all the above is a must unless your team uses “squash branches” strategy. In the latter case, it really does not matt...

Very true. I'm not a fan of squashing commits because you lose the history (in a way) of each commit message. One of the tools I use in troubleshooting or continuous development is relying on the commit messages of other developers from a quick git blame on a file I'm working on. 9/10 times, the commit message is much more useful than a code comment.


I don’t trust commit messages either. 9/10 times the code itself is much more useful than both a code comment and a commit message.



I agree 100%, but if squashed there is not too much use of blame no?

Well, we usually have a one-to-one relationship between branches and developers.

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