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Who am I? is actually a surprisingly hard question to answer. When asked to introduce ourselves to a group of complete strangers, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to share about our jobs, hobbies, interests etc.

In the given context, this response is appropriate, sometimes embarrassing, sometimes funny but often sufficient enough to move the ball to someone else's court.

Akin to the example above, the Dev.to platform is an open platform that is used by many people. I do not know any of you and could have easily opt for a superficial answer to this question but I want to try something different.

I feel that there is a deeper meaning behind the question who am I?; something along the lines of who you think you *really* are and what you want to achieve in life.

These are questions that I ask myself whenever I reflect on my progress thus far, the actions that I have taken and the outcome of each decision before contemplating my next step (hopefully) forward.

So who exactly am I?

I have pondered a lot about this and came to the conclusion that I am a voracious learner with an unwavering resolve to improve myself and to contribute back to society in a meaningful way.

As such, the two goals that I have for myself for writing on Dev.to is to share with the wider community more about what I know, hopefully making an impact in someone's life and also to learn more about myself in this process.

Thanks for reading.

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Hi! Nice to meet you too Rose! :)