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ThankYouNext πŸ–€ - Next.js starter template

Steve Frenzel
Software developer, sound engineer & hot sauce lover. πŸ”₯
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I first came into contact with Next.js about a year ago and have been a big fan ever since! I'm not only excited about features like routing, image optimization or the flexibility to choose between SSG and SSR (or use both). Especially the developer experience feels more pleasant than with React and the support from people like Lee Robinson and Cassidy Williams is just priceless! To me, Next.js feels like a superset of React, similar to TypeScript and Javascript. πŸ™‚

For this reason, I decided to use Next.js for my personal projects. However, I didn't want to start from scratch every time and painstakingly put everything together until I have a base I feel comfortable coding on. So I decided to create a template to share with the public, as I'm interested in what other people would add, change or improve.

Since there is a detailed explanation on the website itself, I'll just very briefly list here what features ThankYouNext has:

  • TypeScript
  • Sass support
  • ESLint & Prettier configuration
  • Absolute imports
  • React strict mode
  • Ready-to-use SEO setup
  • All necessary security headers

In addition, this template offers the following:

  • A perfect Google Lighthouse score
  • No accessibility violations
  • Ships with zero byte of JavaScript
  • No HTML warnings or errors
  • No CSS errors

I will update this template over time.The most important point for me at the moment is the integration of Preact, since that hasn't worked yet. I would also be interested in your opinion on what else could be added. This template is mainly intended for simple websites and blogs, but has the option to expand and make it more complex at any time.

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Thanks man🀩

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Steve Frenzel Author

Sure, you're welcome!

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Awesome πŸ”₯πŸ”₯