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re: "Scripting language" has always struck me as a weasel word. It lacks a formal definition, but is applied liberally to any language which a develope...

The day another vendor provides a trackpad as good as the one Apple MacBooks provide is the day I switch to Linux.

The preinstalled libraries and binaries are a tad annoying and are usually superseded by whatever Homebrew installs anyway.


On the other hand, the drivers of Linux are open source, and the quality of the trackpad is mostly determined by the software. So you're free to make it as good as you wish.
Hardwire-wise, the trackpad on seems to be to be as good


My razer's pad feels good to me (note I use a 2014 MacBookPro 60% of the time, 2018 MacBook Air 35% of the time, and the Razer 5%). But the trackpad software (or windows in general?) has issues. I feel like sliding my finger across the pad to move the mouse I end up selecting things I don't want to. I suppose that could be bad hardware but I think it's more likely bad software

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