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Aditya Raj Sinha
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Successfully Completed Hacktoberfest 2021

Hello Guys , I wanted to share my Hacktoberfest 2021 Journey. Last year in 2020 , when I just entered my college and made new friends, I came to know about this event. I found this event very interesting because of the swags they were sending to all(It was a matter of pride for us posting pics of our swags on social media). However, I was new to coding and lack of knowledge about open sourcing , GitHub etc. restricted me from participating last year. This year I learnt few programming Languages but I still hadn't started contributing on GitHub yet , hence I decided to skip my participation this year too. But suddenly, I got a mail from my college's coding society and they said it is perfect time to kickstart a Open source journey through Hacktoberfest. Then I created a GitHub account and learnt to Pull a Request on any repository from YouTube. I submitted around 10 PRs, some were excluded , some were never accepted but at last I managed to mature my 4 valid PRs by 10/24/2021. I was extremely happy with this achievement. This event helped me learning basics of GitHub and also motivated me to learn about Git and it's command.

Thank You !!

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