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Welcome to Strapi Academy

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We are proud to announce the launch of the Strapi Academy, a great resource for the community to learn Strapi for free! We created this academy to help our users develop their Strapi expertise and make the most out of it through advanced customization and plugins!

Throughout a series of video tutorials, documentation, and quizzes, our free Community Edition course will allow you to master the fundamentals of Strapi. From installing a fresh Strapi application to creating your data structure managing your content and settings from the admin panel, this course walks you through all the steps and best practices to build a successful project with Strapi.

The course also highlights our main features such as the content-types builder, media library, components & dynamic zones, webhooks, and the Role-Based Access Control. Additionally, you’ll find resources about advanced customization as well as plug-in management and deployment.

You can enroll in the course using this link.

Welcome to Strapi Academy

Last but not least, if you are interested in an instructor-lead course, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll share some more information.

And that’s it :)

We look forward to seeing you progress through the course and getting the certification!

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