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Strapi-Gridsome Starter for a Portfolio Website

Developers, designers, writers... The Strapi community is full of creative profiles. We built this starter to help them promote their work, and to celebrate their talent. We wanted to make it easier than ever for them to build a portfolio with Strapi.

Having a portfolio has almost become a requirement for freelancers. But it's also useful for everyone. It's a great way to demonstrate your expertise, to build your personal brand, or just to get feedback on your work. Your portfolio will also become especially useful when you start looking for a new job.

It's important to have an easy way to keep your portfolio up to date. An outdated portfolio is not a good look. Instead, you want to make sure that everyone knows about your latest creations. Strapi is perfect for this. Just log into the admin, add a new entry, and your site is live. No code required!

After setting up Strapi, we chose to built this starter with Gridsome, a Vue.js framework to build static websites. If you're familiar with Gatsby, you'll feel right at home using Gridsome. Just like Gatbsy, it has a GraphQL data layer, a strong plugin ecosystem, and it powers super fast websites. Gridsome has been growing quickly in the Vue community, so we could not ignore it any longer.

This starter is also a great way to start learning Strapi. You'll get to know about collection types, single types, components and dynamic zones, all within the same app. On the frontend, you'll also learn how to fetch data using GraphQL, and how to style your app with Tailwind CSS.

You'll find all the starter's documentation on its GitHub repository. Or you can watch the video tutorial on YouTube:

We can't wait to see what you can build with this starter. Let us know on Twitter!

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