Discussion on: Sure you want to be a tech lead?

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For me I wasn't necessarily aiming to became tech lead from the beginning, but it happened because of staying at the same company for a very, very long time, and their development team and IT department is a very small team. Other developers came and went. I have always been very determined to continually grow as a developer. But when you stay at the same place long enough, you keep learning more and more about the big picture of the company, and it is only natural to develop a greater and greater interest in the way you would like to see things change. So my managers kept giving me more and more responsibility, until all the other developers ended up quiting in a single month. Then I started recommending people to hire, so the company hired them and told me it was my team. Since then it has been a crazy ride get them trained, and figure out how to pick up the pieces the other developers left. So much technical debt had built up over the years that all we have time for is just to clean it up. It turned out one of our apps was not even getting its' repository committed to regularly, and they did a full release to the Play Store without even leaving a commit of that code! We have been working like crazy just to get it into a releasable and relatively unbuggy state, but we are finally almost ready for a release. I know it will be the best release the app has had in a long time, with a ton of bug fixes, speed improvements, and under the hood refactorings.