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Operating Systems Programmers Should Be Familiar With..

As a programmer you should know multiple operating systems, from installation up to using them efficiently.

Most programmers and developers are familiar mostly with Windows and Mac OS which is enough and good to go. OS like Kali Linux and other Debian distros are perfect for information security and comes up with built in tools and functionality.
Starting off from windows or mac OS for information security is not bad but you need to learn this special purpose OS like Kali Linux to be a better developer.

So the following are a must know OS for Programmers and Developers.

1.Microsoft Windows
2.Mac OS
3.Kali Linux and its distros
4.Bonus Ubuntu ,also Debian based

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Ben Sinclair

I'd never consider a specific Linux distro to be a "must-know" for anyone.
The closest I'd go is Ubuntu since it'll cover Debian as well and it's the most common used in things like containers. Maybe Alpine as well.
But really, unless you're developing Mac/iOS apps, you don't have to be tied to any particular OS, let alone need to know how to install or maintain it.

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