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Discussion on: What Do Front-End Devs Think About Safari?

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Steve Belovarich • Edited

I just filed a bug with Webkit and the team was very receptive, easy to work with. I found a bug in Webkit's implementation of the Web Animations API, which happens to be spec other browsers have partially supported. Go figure.

I’ve been frustrated at times with Webkit’s implementation of spec, but every browser vendor has their awkward moments. It feels like Safari has fallen behind, but I have hope for Webkit.

Safari is far better than IE. In enterprise we're probably going to be supporting IE11 at some capacity until 2025. I’d rather work with Safari any day of the week then start debugging issues in a VM running IE11.

Sometimes I feel like I am living in an alternative universe where Google and Microsoft have teamed up and left Apple behind. Oh wait, this is just 2020. Hard to believe years ago Apple and Google's browsers were running on the same engine.

The Dev Tools in Safari look rather nice. I appreciate the Dev Tools when inspecting web apps via the iOS Simulator or connected iOS device, although the initial experience feels clunky when devices don't immediately show up in the browser's Develop menu. After that point everything is fine.

I use Safari as my primary web browser all of the time. I know. Gasp! Using Safari is a pleasant experience. Safari is integrated with MacOS / iOS and typically is more performant than Chrome. The UI is minimal and functional. Websites don't just fall apart when I visit them.