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re: Hey Steve! This is really cool, I actually am developing my portfolio this way too! My goal is to make a mobile-friendly aesthetic website with no ...

Looking through your code I think it’s fairly well organized.

One of the biggest pain points for me working with custom elements was event handling. I don’t particularly like calling addEventListener all over the place, which is why I made a Decorator in Readymade that makes for cleaner code. That’s just preference though. It doesn’t hurt to use a library for web components to abstract things like this into a mixin, decorator, or other form of reusable logic. I do like how you’ve gone down a path implementing things from scratch. It means you’ll learn a lot more.

A note about the polyfills: import them from npm packages instead of static code in your repo that way you pick up bugfixes and improvements. Make a polyfill file, import each polyfill from npm packages then load the file in the head of the website.


Oh, the polyfill predicament. I am using Netlify to host my site and I am unable to access node_modules in my published directory. I was thinking of using cdnjs to serve the polyfill but wasn't sure.

Also, what you said is precisely the reason I reinvented every wheel possible lol. I wanted to learn the internals. Even my crappy SPA router! To alleviate some pain to no frameworks, I wrote some JSX factory function to build DOM nodes. But honestly, something like Readymade, even though it's so small of an abstraction, would ease development a lot.

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