re: Which is better React JS or Angular VIEW POST


Where did you get your info about Angular?


  • is not strictly MVC
  • is one-way data bound by default
  • is not difficult to learn, mileage varies
  • isn’t riddled with security holes, protects against XSRF and XSS
  • can be server-side rendered
  • is not slow compared to React, implementation matters here

Doesn’t have the same syntax as DOM so there is a learning curve no matter what with JSX

If you are comparing React and Angular 1.x it’s 2020 and Angular has been around for awhile. Why are your comparing React against a legacy library at this point and not it’s contemporary? Where’s the performance metrics to back up your assertion Angular is slower? How did you come up with the notion Angular is harder to learn? The CLI simplifies common tasks and there are standard patterns the community has agreed upon.

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