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Discussion on: I created DEV and have other positive qualities, ask me anything!

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Steve Belovarich • Edited

What was the hardest / most challenging part of getting an online community up and running?

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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything

I had a lot of good hypotheses in terms of how this would all come together. I've been involved in other efforts which had failed on the chicken-and-egg problem of getting these sorts of communities thriving

So the "challenging" part is inner-team communication. Taking what's in my head and getting many people to work together. It's also key to take inputs from everyone and shift my ideas along the way in terms of how things take shape without losing sight of what's important.

As the project has evolved I feel like I've gotten to become truer and truer to my "ideal vision" of how this whole thing can be most helpful to the world. Early on it's silly to be overly consumed by "the big vision" because I'd have been happy if it were to have been successful in a much smaller way.

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