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re: How is this a myth? You made the point yourself. Starting your own business has a lot of overhead (finding your own insurance, taxes, accounting). ...

There are a million things to do in a business and treating your employees right should be a top priority, no matter what stage of the business you are in. Just one more thing isn't going to break everything. Change happens and businesses need to be flexible enough to adapt to change. If some business isn't making enough profit and has to tack on debt just to pay employees then maybe you're right it shouldn't be in business.

Having been stiffed by a small business for a large amount as an independent contractor, I have no remorse for the full weight of the law being brought down on that small business. But we live in an environment where you can't gain legal representation because the sum is not attractive enough for a lawyer. In America even hard workers who meet all agreed upon requirements for a project can just not get paid for their services and then have to hear the argument "you didn't finish the project". That's supposed to be OK because it was a small business?

I agree that treating employees right should be a top priority, but that doesn't require paperwork and paying fees. Fees to union execs that are just as useless and overpayed as corporate execs.

It isn't about workers vs businesses imo. It's about giving workers the freedom to be their own businesses, so they can get as much of the profits of their labors as possible. The ideal in my opinion is that if I produce 100k dollars of value each year, I want to be payed as close to that amount as possible. Corporations, unions, and taxes are all a drain on that value.

Im not 100% sure why you are assuming a union made for us would have to be 100% like every union that came before it? We work in an industry that encourages disruption, so let's disrupt the model and make it less corruptible.

I'm not about to get into a debate about taxes and such.

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