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No. CSS could be considered hard because the topic is rarely taught in a way that allows people to understand how it behaves. Code academies focus on JavaScript.

Ditch the CSS libraries and start writing CSS from scratch. It’s the only way you will learn.

Topics to focus on to become brilliant at CSS

  • variables
  • selectors
  • specificity
  • cascading
  • box model
  • position
  • float
  • flow
  • flexbox
  • grid

That seems like a lot of topics, but it’s really not that bad considering how much there is to learn about a programming language. CSS is not programming (however some post processors like SASS introduce more programming like syntax). CSS is a style sheet language more focused on formatting which is why some people find it difficult. It’s hard to switch contexts like that.

It helps to have some knowledge of design or computer graphics, but you don’t have to.

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