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Discussion on: Tech Interviews Are Broken. Let's Fix Them!

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Steve Belovarich Author • Edited

I touched on it lightly in this post. Make sure there is at least 1 roundtable discussion in the interview, avoid only having 1 on 1 when possible.

Here are a few ideas but these are just scratching the surface:

  • Make hiring a more democratic process, don't allow 1 person to make all the decisions.
  • HR should redact names (and possibly other identifiable info) from initial viewing of resumes so experience speaks for itself. Studies have shown names alone lead to some candidates being overlooked.
  • Make the conscious decision to hire a more diverse group in the first place.

You're right, this topic deserves way more attention. I asked for the community to chime in with solutions. I don't have all the answers.

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