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Discussion on: What are you "old enough to remember" in software development?

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Steve Belovarich • Edited

Embedding a webring on the bottom of my geocities page.

Here is a weird school project from a net art class in 2002. It's really broken (no images). I used the slice tool in Photoshop when that was a relatively new thing.

I wish I archived a website I made my freshman year at RPI (IN THE YEAR 2000). It had horizontal scrolling, an imagemap, hover effects. The user could hover over a fullscreen photograph of a scene in a diner in upstate NY and see a caption that offered an anecdotal story about the table and what the people were eating and price of the dishes. It was a school project to advertise a business. Would still probably hold up today as an excellent concept for a restaurant site. It will be lost forever.

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