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Yeah if I get a 2018 MBP AppleCare is a must. I don’t want to have to deal with this kind of nonsense. That being said I have good way to backup if I ever do have to send it in for repairs. This will be my third personal MBP. There have been ups and downs with the product line over time for sure. Overheating in the first one, battery exploded in the second. This 2015 MBP has been so reliable! 🤑🤮


You've beat up a few it seems. 😳

If you have your backups & stuff then it works well, but it's like a stone in your shoe (the smallest sticky x key & suddenly every 20th press is insecure). If you do on-site stuff it is more likely to be an issue. Office coding shouldn't impact much (there are skins too).

A few spare keys (in advance) solves the biggest issue (the keyboard issue is mostly the hooks on the back of the keys rather than a bigger problem). A drop of dried glue on the key back will fix the 'non registration' issue (they are both related as the plastic is very fine). These two take away the deadline-no-c-key worry.

My experience compared to the 2015:

  • The LED bar is very good for basic video scrub, stuff, novelty & specific apps. Prefer a smaller one at the top of the trackpad & keep keys (faster, better, obvious). Gets hot.
  • Very quiet. Nothing moving really. Machine stays cool (mostly).
  • Very stable physically. Less slippy (big feet well balanced, less likely to flip it over or spin).
  • Nice screen/color/brightness/audio/video/fonts/render.
  • Bigger trackpad. Easier to use, more accidental cursor moves. Easy to get used to the new hw.
  • Battery/never switch off/restart/rarely stall. Reliable.
  • Fast & slow (textedit/photoshop/safari can hang but also throw gigs around with ease). Setup & tune helps a lot.
  • Less dust/cleaning needed. Better seals everywhere.
  • No more breathing light (bright light when shut, pre 2015 I think) or backlight ad (Apple logo that you could see through in sunlight). Good changes. No cable light indicator (pre magsafe).
  • Better screen hinge & trough (that gap below the screen that collect stuff). Stiff hinge.
  • Small fan vents, less dust, harder to Nintendo-blow clean.
  • No magsafe. - Plug in both sides is nice. Not nice enough for FloorMac though. Let's see on this one.
  • Stronger 'center' (the middle of the keyboard takes a lot of pressure/percussion, the old ones would dip after a while). Backlit keys now brighter & neater.
  • Low exhaust (those brown scorch marks that appear above the vents).
  • Connects, checks, downloads & notifies you of email before you have logged in (prob not mbp specific). 👀
  • Donglegate - If you accessorize a lot then it may bother. It's fast.
  • Costwise. - I find, when broken down by day/hours used/reliability Apple products are not overpriced (it hurts when you spend or like-for-like compare).
  • Siritating buttons.
  • Harder to scratch, easier to chip corners. Screen feels less likely to crack.
  • Screen scratches show but keyboard imprint no longer appears on the screen.
  • Arrow keys are bigger.

It is better overall, though the keyboard makes it more fragile than most previous models. Anyone can live with/work around broken speakers or a cracked screen but key failure is different. Replacement keys are working for me so far (it's a handful of shapes, I don't buy every key).

This stuff is obviously just my experience but I hope it is useful.

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