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It feels like we are in another pivotal time for web development. Static site generators that abstract JS libraries seem like a very postmodern solution to a rather fundamental problem. It’s easy to overarchitect the web. Browser API have come a long way and I think JS frameworks and libraries tend to over complicate things but can bring much needed software development paradigms to an application.

I’d suggest figuring out your ideal way of working or figuring out how you would architect a JS library that makes common web development tasks easier. Then see what JS library is closest and run with it.

You mentioned Stencil. I love Stencil.

Vanilla JS doesn’t prohibit apps from scaling. Lack of architectural design, software development paradigms or development style guide prohibit apps from scaling. An application could scale nicely with just HTML, CSS and JS.

When HTML and CSS modules land in all browsers it will make web development a lot easier with vanilla JS.


Thanks for the answer, Steve! Like Michael said in one of the comments below, your idea is to find what suits your way of working and then rocking with it, right? Will do, I've been rethinking React and part of it is due to the overarchitecting it relies on, like you said, so I might as well look somewhere else.

I've tried Stencil by building the Conduit "Real World" app, and I loved some of its idea, but I'm still not sold on it... However, I sure am interested in this future of vanilla web development πŸ™Œ


Have you considered Angular? The community is amazing and the architectural patterns you may be searching for have largely been solved by others. You can compile Angular components down to autonomous custom elements if you need to and developing an Angular app uses a lot of vanilla JS.

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