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Dark mode, except where glare is a problem.

Here’s my take. We’ve been using light themes all this time for all the wrong reasons. Early on it was most likely to make the transition from print to computer screen more palpable for consumers. Early computer screens were dark mode all the time, but the consumer wasn’t used to this. In order for computers to supplant print they had to use familiar tropes.

There is something fundamentally wrong with light themes. Screens emit light whereas paper reflects light. Paper is white because light bounces off of it, making the negative space created by the text pop and stand out. Screens emit light so the inverse should be true. White text on a dark background with should be easier on the eyes.

There are some people who don’t think so, but why do we turn down the brightness on our monitors or use night mode utilities if light themes aren’t a strain on the eyes?

Im all for dark themes and really like there are now utilities to style websites based on the users already set preference. There will always be users who prefer one over the other, so cater to both!


White text on a dark background with should be easier on the eyes.



Aha - finally someone starts quoting some science 😂


I have decided to give it another try. I installed another light theme and so far it's good. I also changed my dark theme in firefox. It took some period to adjust but I'm pleased.


Thank you for sharing. I just tried to switch to light theme. I really do have to concentrate harder with the light theme on (have tried the winter is coming light version in vscode).

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