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re: Building this kind of thing open source is easier then you might think. WebRTC is p2p and the only server side infrastructure you would need is a s...

P.S. if this feature goes live I will rig up a green screen for my home office and live stream content all the time.


This is music to my ears.

But is WebRTC the solution for mass streaming? I was thinking that was more for group video chat. It seems like video streaming is typically implemented by uploading to a server which distributes the content via a CDN.

I'm all for taking the right approach, we just need to figure out what that is!

The way I was thinking about implementing this feature followed these steps.

  • Live broadcast over WebRTC
  • WebRTC MediaStream is recorded on server or client
  • Recording is transmitted to CDN
  • Recording is streamed from CDN

WebRTC would only be for the live broadcast, multiple people could participate or it could be a one to many broadcast (easier for MVP).

Would love you to weigh in about WebRTC on this GIthub issue I just made! It sounds like a really cool thing to do, but I don't much experience in it to give it a good evaluation


There is a mature project around webrtc

But I dont think the webrtc will be the right tool for this.
By default each node will open a connection with all nodes connected to the session, so for mass streaming it will burn the computers ;)

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