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Discussion on: I spent 48 Hours coding in Nova and forgot about VS Code

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Steve Belovarich Author • Edited

From some of the comments in this thread and on Twitter I think Microsoft has done web engineers an amazing service by providing an IDE that is free and ubiquitous, but also possibly set an unreasonable expectation that software should be free.

$99 is not an unreasonable price for a JavaScript IDE.
Sublime Text $80
WebStorm $129, second year $103, $77 yearly subscription after that
IntelliJ $499 / year, second year $399, $299 onwards
Dreamweaver $20.99 / month
Visual Studio $45 / month

There are plenty of free alternatives including VS Code, Atom, Netbeans, and Komodo. You get what you pay for in my opinion. I would like to support Panic over large corporations like Microsoft. I don't share the opinion that a subscription is merely a way to milk developers for more money. It doesn’t make sense from a business perspective to sell a one-time license and I’m honestly surprised Sublime Text can operate under that model.

If you like VS Code that’s fine, use what works for you. The only reason I compared the two was because VS Code has been my IDE for 3 years. Alternatives exist and Panic has done an amazing job with Nova so far.

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Heiko Kanzler 🇪🇺

It's a an old topic, but let me add my two cents.

I am (was) a long time Panic customer and to be honest, they lack in updating their apps. I had Coda from day one, they stopped doing it without further notice some years ago. Transmit is update perhaps once a year, if not every two years (it feels like this).

Happy to pay for a decent application (as I do for IntelliJ and Sublime, for example), but knowing about their release cycles and having some devent (more powerful) alternatives, doesn't work for me ... not even talking about a subscription.

Out of curiousity: are you still using nova?