Access to 75+ tech jobs in progressive politics

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In order to win in 2020, progressives need unprecedented mobilization. The only way to scale that mobilization is through technology and people power. We need the best and the brightest in technology to join the movement – and we’re developing a tool to help you find a job in progressive tech.

All Hands is a tech talent matchmaker service, functioning as a curated resume bank and jobs board. We handpick open product + engineering roles with our partner organizations in campaigning, advocacy, political tech, and beyond, saving candidates the time of searching for their next opportunity in the progressive space. Where there’s mutual interest, we facilitate introductions, and we let hiring organizations take it from there. Think of us as tech talent matchmakers for democracy.

Are you in product + engineering and interested in making the switch to progressive tech, or do you know someone who might be?

Apply here to join the All Hands talent pool: https://all-hands.us

We’ll be giving special priority to applicants in Chicago, Austin, and DC - so feel free to pass this link to your friends in those areas.

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Sarah Stern


Hi! I'm the founder of Cultivate, where we help tech talent to find jobs in the progressive movement.


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Hey there, great idea! I love working for a company that has a "mission" I agree with, and my most recent job search was for exactly that (fortunately I found such a job).

One problem - it looks like on the job board, any links to job listsings on angel.co lead to 404s. I run a remote job board aggregator of my own, so this doesn't surprise me. Angel.co makes it very difficult (intentionally, I think) to scrape/crawl their listings and link from outside pages. :(


We're looking into this - thank you so much for flagging!