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Next is awesome, but I absolutely HATE that the Next Router is so tightly embedded. I know it's not the same, but it feels too much like RoR forcing Active Record on its devs. As someone who does a great deal of single codebase dev with React Native/RN Web particularly with React Router (web and native) instead of React Navigation, it makes this particularly frustrating.

Compare, for example, how easy it is to integrate React Router with Gatsby. I know, SSG vs. SSR (with optional SSG), but still.

Shout out to After.js for shaking loose from Next Router and basing on React Router instead... Now if it would just provide static site gen like Next.


Agree, the routing is quite strange. I guess I never had an issue with it, but I can understand that it can be not versatile enough for some cases.


It's not bad, it's just... Rigid.

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