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re: In general it should be possible. The other question if you want or not. Don't mix up two argument. I wouldn't say "in general", I would say "in ...

Could you give an example of when you would need to validate and when you wouldn't?

If you expect string and you read from the html input you will get string. But if you, for example, read state from URL and decode it and expect some arguments to be numbers, things can go wrong here. Or if you, for example, use JSON.decode to get response from the server, you need to make sure that response is in correct format.

I would validate all user input, I meant to say, that reading IO is typically not that big compared to other logic of application.

however, they do have much stronger, native checks for static typing that are built into the languages, as opposed to TypeScript

Why do you think so? Typescript is quite advanced type system it is based on latest research (and written by the same people who wrote C#, Anders Hejlsberg for example). So this claim needs a bit more evidence.

The fact that it compiled to JavaScript doesn't make it unsafer. All checks happen before compilation. The same for native programs, check happens before compilation, one of the compilation steps is type erasure (unless you use something like Reflections or io validation or pattern matching on boxed values). After type erasure you deal with untyped assembly code. Do you think assembly is more safe than JS? (rhetorical question)

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