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re: I learned that if a type checker just let your app crash "right before a bad access" it is equivalent to untyped.

If it allows incorrect type to pass type check process it is called unsound type system, not untyped.

That's not what I meant.

JS says right before an access on undefined that it is undefined. So the dynamic type check could as well be not there.

This exception itself is dynamic type check

VM219:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sd' of null
    at <anonymous>:1:6

JS type checked it for you and because type mismatched, the only thing it is left to do is "panic" (throw exception)

It's crazy how clueless some people are. What is confusing is they'll sound so sure when they are talking tho. If the language wasn't type checking it wouldn't crash it'd just keep going with wrong values. Dude said might as well just not be there. If I had a number 98, I think is "a" if I used as a char it would say "a" but because it's typed check, it checked to see how I was using it and crashed so I the developer can be informed and correct my mistake or cast it to explicitly tell the run time no I did this on purpose.

Sounds reasonable, thanks.

Got my definition of dynamic typing == untyped from a static typing fan prof. at university.

"Either you use static typing or no typing at all, everything else is BS."

this kind of education. I feel you. I had something similar.

(this is addressed to your professor)

What about IO validation?.. This kind of type checking can be done only at runtime. And all "super" static languages do it at runtime, including such notorious examples as Haskell and OCaml.

I mean even if you use static typing, some checks are impossible to do statically.

Also how to interpret no types? If you would take a look at the parser of almost any language, you would see that parser knows about types. It knows that value in quotes is a string, that value from digits is number, etc. In dynamic languages, there can be no declarations of types of function arguments, but there are always types of values. As well even if type declarations omitted they can be inferred by powerful types systems (to some degree).

What about a gradual type system? Which allows having only some of the types declared.

It's just crazy, I mean I'm sure some of you have worked with JavaScript and feel a bit confident commenting. In my mind I'm like but you see typeerror in JavaScript when you use the wrong type some where or it says type error can't call blah on foo. Then you go on to say it has no types. It's like hearing there was a car crash and being like, I bet you no cars where involve. I just don't get how people say stuff like that. I have a few friends trying to learn programming and they like it's hard man, and I'm like naw people just make it confusing because they say so much nonsense and I don't even understand why. Books and paid online courses are the best route sadly because the internet...

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