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Take the test: your 'tech debt credit score'

alexomeyer profile image Alex Omeyer Originally published at ・1 min read

Tech debt is scary. It can be leveraged to ship faster, but is also completely inevitable and can kill your product—and therefore your company—if left unmanaged.

Over the last six months, I’ve learned how the best software engineers and leaders manage technical debt. I've interviewed more than 200 experts, to understand how tech debt is handled at growing software companies. I've discovered that their stances towards technical debt are as different as the organisations they work for, and isolated the main factors of influence.

It is paramount for all software development teams to understand these factors in order to develop the right tech debt management strategy for their organisation.

I've condensed my findings into this two minute test that you can take to determine your 'tech debt credit score', and manage your tech debt accordingly. It includes all the questions that I would ask myself in order to develop the right tech debt strategy for any business.

When you complete the questionnaire, we'll email you your very own tailor made strategy report generated from your answers, and based on what we learned from the best in the field.

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Mirko Vukušić

I really dislike tests like yours that tell you at the end that you're not getting results unless you share your email with the author. It would only be polite to tell it at the start. Anything else is just an obvious display of some completely different motive to "help" me.

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