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re: I have a child that I have to raise, and I work remotely (but from a single location). That means I could only have one spot for personal improveme...

I think so, if that is what you want!

I think the whole takeaway is that anyone can accomplish what they want, if they want it enough. It's okay if you don't want it enough and it's also okay if it takes time. The key is aligning your goals to your behaviours, and over time the compounding will be on your side.

Yeah, it takes time, I agree with you on that one.
Again, congratulations on the excellent article and thank you for sharing it and for answering the questions. I especially enjoyed the 1.01³⁶⁵ = 37.8 formula part.

Thanks so much! I agree - formulas are super powerful in demonstrating some of these concepts! 📈

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