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Discussion on: No, I don't want to become an Angular GDE

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Stephen Adams

Wow, you're on a mission today Lars and a good one too. I applied for the Angular GDE, I didn't get in, I thought it would be good for my freelance business to show that I'm an Angular GDE. But I've been a web developer for 19 years and freelance for 8, so do I need to be one I'm not sure.
But if becoming one means you have to keep repeating the marketing line, and can't communicate customer needs with the Angular core team, do I want to be one now? Not sure.
There is definitely something wrong in the Angular world, it needs to be resolved or this framework we enjoy using will end up on the Google scraphead.

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Alain Chautard

Customer needs can definitely be communicated to the Angular team and they do care. I brought feedback from one of my customers to the Angular team a few months ago and it was addressed with Angular 10.