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Discussion on: Angular struggles in 2020

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Stephen Adams

This is a great overview of the issues Lars, thanks for writing them up.

It’s clear there is a massive problem within the Angular team and it’s not only affected the people who work/worked on the team, but now it’s starting to affect the project as a whole. If your livelihood is wrapped up in something that is not progressing due to the team working on it imploding, developers are going to look elsewhere for ways to do what they love doing.
Companies are going to do the same, if a technology is fast moving, has fewer bugs, new features and great developers it’s going to be used. If the list of bugs doesn’t get fixed and new features aren’t released to keep up with the demand of modern web apps, the usage by companies will go down.
Google and the Angular team need to get these problems fixed, or they will find all the hard work these people have put in will be for nothing.
As Angular developers we need to be more vocal, telling the Angular team and Google that if they want us to keep using their product we need to see these issues resolved, not just new features and bugs, but a happier, healthier core team. But I don’t think they have long to do this, the web moves fast, one or two projects using another web stack and a developer is probably not going to go back to what they were using before.