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Make profit from the premium social media subscription app like OnlyFans

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Several entrepreneurs have started to enter into the profitable business with the OnlyFans clone app. OnlyFans clone script is a ready-to-use solution that is easily customizable and scalable. Developing the app using the clone script will reduce the risk of glitches, errors, and bugs. Upon app deploying, you can reap profits by considering the following income-generating streams.


You can allow the users to pay a certain amount of money as a subscription fee for content creators or celebrities in the app. Only subscribers have the option to access content posted by their favourite celebrities. In return, you can collect a commission fee from the content creators.

PPV messaging

Users have to pay a fee for communicating with content creators. You can let the users send a message free of charge. But, they have to pay to view replies from the content creators. As a result, you can earn a significant amount of money from the OnlyFans clone app.


This is an indirect revenue-generating strategy. The app facilitates the users and content creators to share the referral link with their friends. Upon successful referrals, the number of users and content creators increases. Thereby, the revenue generated from the app will increase significantly.

In-app advertising

This revenue stream will help you earn profit by allowing other investors to promote or advertise their products or brands in your app. Charge them depending on the number of views, clicks, and impressions.

This industry will grow even more with time. So, budding entrepreneurs will have a lot more opportunities to enter into this industry with the OnlyFans clone app.

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