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Great post! But you have some markdown formatting errors 😃


Oh, thanks for pointing that out! Completely missed those!

I've applied a quick fix to at least make these parts readable, but I'm really unsure as to why those parts don't work.

All of them are multi-line code blocks with three back ticks

    `` `
    `` `

However only the first few seem to work (here? both on github and my blog those are rendered fine).

Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong?


Did you get it to work properly? There is a space in the three back ticks. Maybe that is the problem 😃

Didn't figure it out at all yet...
I've changed to having 4 spaces as indentation and that somehow results in things at least being rendered as individual code lines, but not as the block

Put the space in the sample above, because I didn't know a way to escape the back-ticks inside the code-block to show how they actually are..

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