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I think the best investment is always yourself. To learn about improving your financial intelligence, financial history, financial terms & manage your risk from losing money.

While doing your own due diligence in the type of investment, you put your money in the chosen vehicle or system.

Just do not be average and do note recommendations by financial consultants or advisors. Are subjected to your financial intelligence. Which you pay them directly through the commissions they make through a sale or indirectly from the funds that is managed by the company they are representing for.

If you are good in your financial intelligence. The questions you ask about them will be different for a common investor. Because you spend the time to learn about it. Which you can choose to accept their advice or against it.

Ultimately you are the biggest liability in any given investment. Without doing your own home work in learning, managing your risk or due diligence you are setting up yourself for failure.

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