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Discussion on: Career Advice for Junior Developers

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Stephen Bass

This is a great piece! I agree wholeheartedly with points 2-4, but might challenge one (1) just slightly.

I think it's safe to suggest that there are inevitably questions that must be asked in every organization across all levels of seniority and disciplines. Questions are fundamental to:

  1. Learning about systems/tools/processes/the org itself
  2. Understanding how to get tasks done
  3. etc., lots of etc.

However, I personally have found that an important skill to have as a Software Developer is not perfecting the act of asking questions, but rather discovering how to answer them oneself. I truly believe this is an acquired skill whose attainment isn't always obvious or easy, but once mastered essentially turns into @Tyler's third (3rd) point of continuously learning.

Khoi's comment here (one I resonate with dearly) begins to resolve itself within individuals that make it a point to learn whatever it is that sparked a question in the first place.

Thanks for the piece @tyler , and apologies for the unsolicited challenge!

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Tyler Hawkins Author

Thank you Stephen, that’s a great insight! I think you’re right that there are these different categories of questions, some that you absolutely should ask and really wouldn’t be expected to know the answer to, and others that you need to figure out on your own. Learning how to answer your own questions yourself for those things just outside your current circle of knowledge is an important skill to have.