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Discussion on: Pursue a CS Degree or not? As a Front-End Developer

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Stefano Armenes

Hi! I think you should get a CS degree if you really feel curiosity and passion about this world, but imho your career will not heavily influenced with or without it. I have a CS B.Sc degree and I would do it again, thousand times, because it changed my way of thinking, abstracting things, stuff like that! And I loved it :)
Think also about combining studying and working, it's not really easy imho! So as I said, your feeling and your passion will guide you to the right choice.

Good luck!

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Wenchen "Neo" Li Author

thank you! I definitely have the passion in the field, and what you talked about is exactly what I want from a degree: the way of thinking things computationally, in addition to also exploring possibilities and directions that I didn't know exist.