re: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Inclusive Developer Meetups or Events In Your Office VIEW POST


Wow, thank you for this VERY detailed and great post. There’s a lot you can learn from it. We’ve hosted a couple of events at our company so far but I didn’t had to organize it. But once i need to, I’ve got your post in my bookmarks. I think there are a couple of points that we can use to get better. 👍🙏


Thank you! I'm glad it'll be useful for you! This post is selfishly detailed - I tried to make it a simple matter of following a checklist for my fellow colleagues at Keen IO that wanted to host events themselves... so that we could have more community events! :) This guide did achieve that goal, but also served the goal of reminding me and everyone else that hosts events how many details are actually involved. 😅


Yes, I guess it’s one of those things where at first you think “that should be easy” but when you read your post you think “all of those points I would have forgotten make a lot of sense!”

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