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re: I started with basic on the C64. Then Amiga Basic. QBASIC. Cobol. C. C++. Perl. JavaScript. ASP. Visual Basic. C#. PHP. Too a Haskell cours...

I’ve used a couple of those languages as well and it is obviously a very personal opinion.

So again:

Maybe you could explain why.

I am honestly interested.

Maybe you could explain why.

  • The community. Npmjs, etc. JavaScript has the largest community.

  • don't need any tools to get started. Can run in just a browser, which everyone has.

  • easy to share your programs. Send people a URL and they can see your code run.

  • runs everywhere. runs in the most popular app that everyone has, the web browser. Runs server side. Can be used to build mobile apps and more.

  • flexible. You want OOP or FP. You can program however you like.

  • backwards compatibility. The code you write today will still run in years to come.

And probably more I can't think of right now.



I would say: Good points. So it’s more about the ecosystem than about the language itself. The above is probably also true to e.g. TypeScript, isn’t it?

Because TypeScript can leverage most of what JavaScript offers, it had a huge advantage over other languages. One minor difference is it needs a bit more tooling ad it doesn't run native and must be compiled to js.

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