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re: I'd say your company is in the upper 5% of "Enterprise" if thats your process. It also sounds like software is your product. Most large companies w...

Actually we’re a small part of a huge company. Our business unit however really only does software. So I can’t speak of others that much. I assumed that most large software focused companies need to do all the tasks because of the legal an financial risks. Do you have actual insight regarding the 5%?


I'll clarify, it's the top 5% of companies I'm referring to in terms of technical maturity
and fast followers. Most large enterprises don't develop software as a product, they develop or buy it to support their main line of business. They by and large also fail to understand that in 2019, every company is a technology company.

My actual insight comes from a few decades of doing development and architecture for those types of companies over numerous verticals. I've seen very few that actually accomplished a CI/CD pipelines and have worked with two recently that have objectively failed at their "devops" transformations outright due to politics and human cost.

Should they be doing it? Absolutely. They don't do it, however, because their decision makers regard development as a pure cost center. Their project management triangles point due south at cheap. Anything that isn't "delivering something the customer can see" is regarded as waste.

In that regard, any company doing the things you've outlined consistently or at all is in a respectable minority. I definitely agree it is all valuable.

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