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re: Iā€™m using Ruby on Rails to build a music school administration app.

Interesting! What was first, you or the app? šŸ˜„

  • What I mean is, did you offer to write such an app or were you hired to do so?

I was hired as a teacher/manager, and I learned to code specifically to build this app.

I started off in the same job as the other managers. I was more efficient than the other managers at technical jobs, so I got put in charge of all things tech (and fewer things sales šŸ˜„). We wanted to make our teachers' notes paperless and accessible to other teachers, so I built note systems in a no-code app platform based on spreadsheets. That was slow and clunky, so I learned to program in order to build a web app. I'm the only coder, so I needed a framework for fast development, thus Rails.

So yeah, one thing kind of just led to another. To be honest, I guess my main language is actually music. šŸŽ¶

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