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re: Most of the code I write at work is in Java, but more and more I am replacing my Java side projects with Kotlin.

I'm a consultant so the specific projects/technologies change frequently at work, but my current project is a large Android application. A lot of my side projects are also Android apps, but the big thing I'm working on is Orchid, a new static site generator. The core is still in Java, but I've been building all its many plugins in Kotlin.

Nice. I’m also tempted to start with Kotlin. But as I had the same feeling when Scala came out, I’m waiting if the hype will last...

Yeah, I had similar concerns for a while, but when Google announced first-class Android Kotlin support, I decided to take the plunge. I think the support of Google and Jetbrains, both large and influential companies in the Java space, give Kotlin an edge that other JVM languages do not have.

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