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By separating each feature, bugfix or working experiment you will avoid a lot of problems and keep your development branches clean.

Actually, I do not agree. There might be cases were this strategy is useful. My team tried both, committing to master/dev as well as using feature branches for every feature.

We agreed to stop using feature branches because it added complexity and large efforts due to merging without giving us benefits. We never needed to skip features that are not complete. We never needed to reject features. However we had serious troubles merging code after refactorings e.g.
Moreover, we had a contionous job that builds, deploys and runs a system test against code changes for immediate feedback.
So, in some scenarios feature branching might be useful but definitely not in all.


Hey, Jan, I understand your point, merging can cause some frustration, especially when conflicts happen.

Kolosek team prefers to create a new branch for each feature unless it is a hotfix or emergency bug fix. In this case, we commit directly to master or development.

To ensure the code is "clean" we always have someone to check the Pull Request before merging the feature branches. This is another reason why we mostly go with feature branches.

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