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Interesting read. It is pretty much exactly the same as I am doing it :)

  • I wrote my own blogging backend with Django, markdown with extensions for diagrams, tables and pygments for code highlighting. I was actually thinking about adding Latex as well although I don't have that much formulas.
  • I first write in Sublime with awesome Markdown support (through extensions), that paste that to my blog admin.
  • I also let it rest for some time until I proof read again
  • I also published my posts on Reddit and got hated a lot. However, the clicks and views I got was amazing. I had in article on /r/programming that was in the top 3 for half a day and got tens of thousands of view and hundreds of comments. The same article just got a few reactions on However, I just love the community here.

Certainly Reddit can bring a lot of views. As can a post on the front-page of Hackernews.

For anybody who reads stuff regularly, posting what you like to Reddit, Hackernews, and other places, can help the authors a lot!

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