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I was working 1/2 year with vim and all plugins I could find on a C++ project and it was OKish. Currently I still use vim on servers a lot, but I develop Java with IntelliJ which just feels like the future to me. It just does so much more than auto-completion. There is ALT-ENTER which is bascally my brain to computer interface aka „do the right thing“. And this is just a tiny fraction, everything is just well-though and it gets better and better every release. And it’s fast compared to other IDEs, maybe not as fast as vim though but most importantly fast enough.


Yes, IntelliJ is really good, I use Android Studio for java and really like it. But one of the things I like in using vim (or other text editors), is that you really understand what's going on in your code. I tried to use clion for C++, but went back to vim, as I felt more comfortable in it :) Everyone has his preferences, after all the most important is to write a good code


That’s absolutely right. Exactly because of that reason, I don’t force anyone my team to use any specific editor or IDE. Anyone could use vim, IntelliJ, eclipse or whatever. However, after some pair programming and coding dojos that demonstrated how power users use IntelliJ, everyone switched and now we only use IntelliJ.

The contrary happened in the company where I work in. At first, when I was still in internship, I was using sublime text for writing the code, but since everyone from whom I asked help opened vim to review my code, I gradually switched to vim. :) I think it depends on person and the environment he/she works in.

Absolutely! I also love Sublime, I use it as multi purpose editor on both Mac and Windows. So my personal toolset is IntelliJ,
sublime and vim and I choose them where they fit best.

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