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re: So we use java 8 and lambda there. We don't really use lombok, but our data domain is generated and does more boilaplate generation than that. Lamd...

Thanks for your reply.

I wonder what you mean by “multi person project”. We do work on projects in a scrum team with 3-6 developers. At that size, there is absolutely no issue with not having interfaces. Less interfaces means less code to maintain and less complexity when understanding and navigating through the code.

Same goes for JPA and performance, we’ve actually had very complex queries modeling a kind of hierarchy and using lazy loading, it was very fast and very handy.

So, basically, I would not start optimizing for theoretical modularity nor performance without actual issues or requirements.


"So, basically, I would not start optimizing for theoretical modularity nor performance without actual issues or requirements."

And you are right. Because you don't need it, apparently.

On our side we have requirements for performance and scalability.

With the experience, you know what works and what don't.

So yes when I think about a multi person product I think dozen, hundred, not 3-6. Sure each team/project maybe 1-10 persons, but you may have 20 at the same time.

When a product is successful there, it means it is used wordwide by millions of end users. We need to be able to serve the internet. 10% decrease in performance means several millions euros for the machines, the electricity and so on.

That's the biggest issues of advices, what works, what not. But what are the circonstances ?

For you, all that fuss would make you less productive because you are a small team and there no req. for performance. You don't need modularity because the code base is small. For my company, your methods would work for a prototype, no more.

For a company like airbus or thales that design auto pilots au make lot of embedded devices software, your methods of mine would make absolutely no sense. Each line of code is validated and revalidated. The same product has several implementation running at the same time by different teams and languages so that if one autopilot fail, the other one can be used instead.

For many startups and geeks, using Java and so on would again make no sense. They would do it in haskell or lisp and would go 10 time faster than you, 100 time than my company.

That the whole argument about theses thing. Nothing absolute.

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