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@MLH Local Hack Day

starkizard profile image Prabal Kalia ・2 min read

This is a Totally Not Competitive guy, named Prabal Kalia, Pursuing Computer Sciences and Engineering from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kottayam.

Here is my experience about Local Hack Day in general.
So I'm in 3rd year and basically what I did during whole of my cs degree was competitive programming, I didn't have much projects, and thus was looking for a place where i can hone my skills and make products / projects that are actually useful in the real world.

So, A friend of mine @Hrishabh Joshi , introduced me to MLH and asked me to join his guild "Wind in our chest hair"

Being a huge fan of weird stuff , I couldn't help but join that guild.

So, I entered into the event. The first day I didn't know how stuff works and I had never used twitch except for watching gameplays.

I scored only 5 points that day.

The second day was similar too and i just scored 6 more points moving me up to 13

Then I got the hang of it , and got to 29!! Great progress.
Then The LHD guys brought out their dashboard.
I saw i was at rank 150 , ( Keep in mind there are 65000+ hackers in MLH ). I was like woah.

And the top 30 are put in the leaderboard on their site.

SO, the grinding started. I got introduced to a lot of unheard technologies, trained myself on it. and finally completed every single daily challenge on day 4.

I went to 56 points and rank 29. I was on the leaderboard!!

Now that I was on the leaderboard, more grinding. took me to 84 on day 5 and 122 on day 6.

As of yesterday I'm at rank 9 and I hope to finish this event on a high.

The weekend is going on , and the event ends soon.

This was an event filled with fun , grind , and a LOT of learning.

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